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  • Assembly and welding of boards in SMT, BGA,PHT and mixed technology for prototypes, small and medium production volumes (up to 40,000 components/h).
  • Boards assembly with C.O.B (Chip-on-Boards) technology for applications that require the direct use of silicon die (ASIC, masked MCU, LCD drivers, reverse engineering protection) for small and large volume production.
  • Programming and calibrations on individual pieces with standard equipment or specifically realized.
  • Wiring and full mechanical assembly of the boards with any mechanical parts required.
  • Finished turnkey products complete with marking, boxes, packaging and labeling.


  • Automatic optical control at the end of the SMT/PTH mounting lines.
  • Parametric and functional tests on all pieces or on samples during the various production phases, on semi-processed items, in order to detect defective or latent faults and improve the reliability of the finished product.
  • Functional tests on the end products made manually or by automatic machines specifically designed and manufactured.
  • Endurance tests at ambient temperatures or in a climatic chamber.


Exel SrlVia di Corticella, 201
Bologna, Italy


EXEL Srl develops hardware and software and produces custom cards for small, medium and large quantities. The production is based on C.O.B. (Chip on Board) and M.C.M. (Multichip module) technologies and BGA and SMT mounting.

Our core business is directed to the following sectors: industrial and building automation, electro-medical, agricultural automation, wireless solutions, Bus solution, TFT and OLED display graphics with custom LCD display, low-power solutions and approvals.


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