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Feasibility study

  • Analysis and development of the idea of the customer, prior assessment of the feasibility and drafting of a preliminary specification.
  • Preliminary design with a proposal of one or more technological solution compatible with the functional, mechanical, regulatory and cost requirements set for the application.
  • Drafting of the final specifications, with details of functional, performance, regulatory references, production process and testing procedures.
  • Defining the activities necessary to achieve the objectives in respect of time and costs.

Hardware design

  • Digital electronic design with use of microcontrollers from 8 to 32 bit (Atmel AVR and AT91SAM9, TI MSP430, Epson S1C88 and S1C17, ST STR912 and STM32F4) depending on the required performance, costs and power consumption
  • Signal and power analogic electronics design ( acquisition and driver boards for instrumentation and ndustrial equipment) focusing on emission and immunity EMC requirements
  • Design of multi-layer boards, with the use of CAD with 3D support for the management of dimensional constraints and possible integration with the mechanical parts, such as casings. The latters can be developed by the customer or by our consolidated partners, operating in industrial design.
  • Design of multi-layer boards with SMT, BGA and C.O.B. (Chip On Board) technology in order to allow the reduction of the end size.
  • Re-engineering HW and FW of existing electronic boards to optimize production costs or for components’ obsolescence.
  • Reliability and performance test in climatic chamber
  • EMC pre-compliance tests on prototypes
  • CE certification tests on production samples

Software Design

  • Firmware development for microcontrollers ranging from 8 to 32 bits in C language and assembler with or without an operating system
  • Development of complex system architectures based on wired BUS or wireless and standard protocols (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, RS-485, CAN BUS, Profi-BUS, etc.) or custom depending on the final application requirements
  • Development of custom communication protocols and drivers for devices and displays
  • SW development for OS Windows for PC Desktop and Embedded, using Visual Studio.Net framework
  • Re-engineering of existing SW and porting on different platforms


Exel SrlVia di Corticella, 201
Bologna, Italy


EXEL Srl develops hardware and software and produces custom cards for small, medium and large quantities. The production is based on C.O.B. (Chip on Board) and M.C.M. (Multichip module) technologies and BGA and SMT mounting.

Our core business is directed to the following sectors: industrial and building automation, electro-medical, agricultural automation, wireless solutions, Bus solution, TFT and OLED display graphics with custom LCD display, low-power solutions and approvals.


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