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C.O.B. (chip on board)

EXEL develops and produces modules with the C.O.B. (Chip on board) technology and M.C.M. (Multichip module) for clients and proprietary products.
C.O.B. is suitable for those applications where the reduction of the dimensions is a primary specification together with the reduction of the consumption and of the production costs.
The M.C.M. assembly can be used for modules with high density of components or with complex integrated circuits. In both cases samples for approval, pre-production and mass production are provided.
Small and medium productions are also carried out.
With C.O.B. the die is attached to a conventional FR4 printed circuit or different material. Subsequently, the chip is bonded and finally covered with resin. With C.O.B. technology it is possible to utilize many chips normally used in packages like BGA, QFP, SOIC and to mount the silicon directly on a standard printed board support with a significant savings for large quantity productions.


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Bologna, Italy


EXEL Srl develops hardware and software and produces custom cards for small, medium and large quantities. The production is based on C.O.B. (Chip on Board) and M.C.M. (Multichip module) technologies and BGA and SMT mounting.

Our core business is directed to the following sectors: industrial and building automation, electro-medical, agricultural automation, wireless solutions, Bus solution, TFT and OLED display graphics with custom LCD display, low-power solutions and approvals.


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