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Since 1983, EXEL has designed and produced microelectronics with updated technology and the most advanced technical innovations.

The design is aimed to the development hardware and firmware with focus on miniaturization and low power consumption.
The skills and degree of specialization are consolidated by the collaboration with the main silicon foundries: ST microelectronics, Texas Instruments, EPSON® ed ATMEL®
The production is based on C.O.B. (Chip on board) and M.C.M. (Multichip module) technology as well BGA and SMT mounting.
To facilitate the access of small‐ and medium‐sized companies to this technology, EXEL provides samples and productions in small, medium and large quantities.
Beyond the manufacturing of custom cards requested by clients, EXEL has produced a line of intelligent graphic modules of different dimensions, which can be personalized developing the software. All the C.O.B. production, testing, design and research are carried out in the headquarters in Bologna (Italy). Our continue research is in the microelectronic hardware solutions to miniaturize the C.O.B and BGA card assembling.
The results of this research are a large production of very small p.c.b, ARM or microcontroller based, in the fields: Industrial automation, Home & building automation, Electro medical, Agriculture automation, Wireless solution, Bus solution, Graphic display from 3.5” to 17”, LCD custom display, Low power solution and approvals service. All activities, research, design and production are made in Bologna (Italy) with a workforce of 20 persons.


Exel SrlVia di Corticella, 201
Bologna, Italy


EXEL Srl develops hardware and software and produces custom cards for small, medium and large quantities. The production is based on C.O.B. (Chip on Board) and M.C.M. (Multichip module) technologies and BGA and SMT mounting.

Our core business is directed to the following sectors: industrial and building automation, electro-medical, agricultural automation, wireless solutions, Bus solution, TFT and OLED display graphics with custom LCD display, low-power solutions and approvals.


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