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320x240 Graphic LCD 3,5” Smart Module
  • Microcontroller STM32F205ZCT6 (ARM CORTEX-M3) @ 120MHz
  • 16 MB flash memory for storing configuration data, fonts and storing log data
  • 3.5'' TFT color display, 320 x 240 pixels
  • Color depth 16-bit
  • Touch panel resistive
  • RS485 port half-duplex pluggable connector
  • RS232 port pin header connector
  • USB Host (Type A) / Device (type micro AB)
  • Buzzer
  • 8 digital inputs + 8 digital outputs + 8 analog input pin header connector
  • Real-time clock and 4 K bytes RAM
  • Backup battery CR2032
  • 24 Vac or 5Vd.c.
  • Maximum power 2W
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C + 60 ° C
  • Approximate dimensions 95 mm x 85 mm x 20 mm

General description

The module EXL2035 is a color display, it can be used for intelligent human-machine interaction of control equipment for industrial facilities. The module is equipped with a 3.5'' color TFT display with resolution 320 x 240 pixels and resistive touch screen.

The CPU is a 32-bit microcontroller (Cortex-M3) with 16 MB of flash memory for code storage, strings, bitmaps and fonts. The module has a Real Time Clock and 4K RAM buffer used for the non-volatile storage of variables, counters and configuration parameters. There is a USB interface that can be used both in host mode (eg. For connection of a pen drive) that in device mode (for connection to a PC). There are also two serial interfaces with TTL levels, one RS-485 port, and different I / O signals of the micro, analogues and digitals.
The application software can be developed in C with low-cost tool chain (GNU).

The management of all the features of the module, such as the writings on display, primitive graphics and images, management of touch screen, communicating with serial ports and USB, file system check and control of the I / O will be done through a specific library functions.
The programming of the microcontroller can be done by boot loader via USB or serial port.

More information

It provided a panel mounting using 4 spacers or studs M3. The power supply and the RS485 will be the type to removable screw (pitch 5 mm or 3.5 mm) and will be placed on the low / top side of the module.
The module will be prepared to acceptance of a plug-in GPRS modem for remote monitoring.



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Bologna, Italy


EXEL Srl si propone come punto di riferimento per lo sviluppo di hardware e firmware e una produzione di schede custom per piccole, medie e grandi quantità basata su tecnologie C.O.B. (Chip on board) e M.C.M. (Multichip module) e montaggio BGA e SMT.

Il nostro core business è indirizzato principalmente ai seguenti settori: automazione industriale, domotica, elettromedicale, automazione agricola, soluzioni Wireless, Bus solution, display grafici da 3.5” a 17”, display LCD custom, soluzioni a basso consumo e servizi di omologazione.


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